• 01/Customer Requirement

    Gather in-depth needs from customers. OEM & ODM.
  • 02/Proposal & Quotation

    We will gather all the necessary information and propose you a plan.
  • 03/Proofing

    Produces samples according to clients requirements.
  • 04/Sample Confirm

    Confirm the type and color with customer and sign the contract.
  • 05/Production

    Arrange the manufacturing line, and the schedule of production.
  • 06/Finished Product Checking

    Inspect finished products according to the customer standard.
  • 07/Packing

    Packing products, according to customer standard.
  • 08/Delivery

    The delivery time depends on type, quantity or manufacturing.
  • 09/Customer Service

    Offer the best service for value customers.